The City of Magic


Let me introduce myself: I am Budapest. For those who know me it’s quite natural and you may soon happen to become one of them, too. I’m more than sure that this virus won’t spare you either, what I call Budapestitis.

This city is a cruel woman that affects someone who has touched her forever: they either escape, or stay in its charm forever, even if they have to depart for a while. This woman is my life, she is my destiny. The fruit of our love is the knowledge she reveals to me day by day that I can share with you. The honesty of our love enables me to be authentic in every minute with all my words and actions.

Anything you read and see on this page reflects my own perspective, taste and judgement. I take responsibility for the information and the services behind them personally, for I can’t recommend anything with pleasure that I’m not convinced about.
My love for the city is what I give to you, that’s what makes it a nice experience. The rest is… extra.

The Fiancé of Budapest

P/S: Attached to the programmes – except for one, the basic programme – you won’t find prices. This is of course not by chance and not a result of my greed either. The programme offers on this page – and the ones I haven’t but will tell you about – are not mass programmes by tourist agencies. These are trips tailored to you, on a human’s scale. All programmes at need detailed consultation in advance, finding the package best fits you in terms of your interests, your needs, your budget. That’s why I ask you to peruse these pages before turning to me with definite questions and ideas. Your honourable and valuable opinions will make your experience the best that it can be! With great love and curiosity, your host and friend awaits you:

Balázs Stumpf-Biró

The City of Magic

Wherever you are at the moment, you must know that you are never alone. There’s a tiny part of the world that is waiting for you with its numerous wonders and experiences to charm you and capture a part of your heart for a lifetime.

In the centre of Europe where the Danube, which has seen a lot, divides the peaceful landscape in two halves, where the hills and the lowlands — the man and the woman — have been longing for each other for ages but can never reach each other, in the hectic life, on the sea of tranquillity.

Budapest awaits you…

Off the beaten path!!!

That is the point in the confession of Everything serves you and is carried out according to your wishes, still making everything a bit – or a lot – different, new, exciting. The itineraries are built so that you don’t miss the major sights, but also explore parts of the city hidden to the tourist masses.

With me, you see a place through the eyes of a native, and find out what is worth it and what isn’t. You look inside, taste, listen, touch, and these are travel experiences for a lifetime. Life is not life without travel. I believe in being somewhere new with all our soul, being open and receiving every new thing life brings before us. And anyway, don’t worry about anything, 'cause:

Hooray! Hooray! It’s a holi-holiday!!!