Night ride in the Heart

The basic programme. The feeling for which it is worth living. A quick series of experiences of our Capital, with a fabulous spectacle, local people and flavours.

The programme includes a drive after sunset, all the wonderful sights that are worth noting, a light dinner containing special Hungarian flavours and – depending on the weather – some of the entertaining places visited by locals that are hidden from tourists. ( 1 to 3 people )

1 person – 60 EUR

2 people – 80 EUR

3 people – 100 EUR

Dailys special
You can choose depending on weather, your mood or you can combine these pearls partly unobserved by tourists.

A wonder you have to see…

Dreher / Törley
Beer and champagne. The secrets of the two biggest brands of drinks in Hungary. Visit the factory and taste the stuff.

Hungarian lunch
A special experience: where do people eat? You can experience where the Hungarians eat a lot of delicious food for an extremely cheap price.

The cistern of mount Gellért
An unknown giant in front of everyone’s eyes, still invisible.

A trip to Buda
From spring to autumn. Countryside in the City or Buda isn’t Pest!

How is it in Hungary?
Prepare your stomach, the attack begins!!!
a, Immediate jump into the Hungarian cuisine right into down-town’s most authentic eating spot.
b, Discovery of a suburban hiding pearl, a top quality restaurant to learn Hungarian Hospitality!

The Ecseri market
Bygone worlds one after the other. A giant flea market, a real treasury!

Theatre trip
The theatre experience of a lifetime, specially tailored to you.

Palace of Miracles
A playground without age limit, a huge astonishment… for all.

Central Market Hall
After walking along Váci street, the heart of the town centre, you can buy Hungarian groceries or souvenirs in the beautiful Market-hall, with a delicious lunch after a hard day’s work.

Water of Eternity
Budapest is the city of spas. Surrounded by walls that are hundreds of years old, with traditions that are thousands of years old, you can forget everything for two hours to become a new person…

The House of Hungarian Wine
The flavour of the countryside in Budapest. Our 22 historical wine districts with their 450 types of quality wine can be found in the hundreds of metres of wine cellars.

The ghost of communism circulated all over Europe… then it was forced to a plot of land outside the city. The monumental confession of my childhood… enclosed.

The VII. district might be one of the most exciting neighbourhoods in Budapest. Evocative streets, charming synagogues, and stories that provide food for thought. The past, present and future of the biggest Jewish community in Central Europe.

Scan by tram
The City as seen by its citizens …if they paid attention.

City of being out
Or else where Budapest goes. The night, as you wish. Restaurants, cafés and bars, from five star to public digs. Meet the locals, go with the flow!

Pearls of North
Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom. Along the Danube, back in time. Three cities, without which there is no such thing as Hungarian history, nor a complete trip to Budapest.